Upgrading from CLM 4.0.2/DB2 9.7 to CLM 5.0.2/DB2 10.5

Have you had the opportunity to do an upgrade certainly of a Jazz platform? I did several of them these last years and generally I had to either upgrade the database or migrate the application server and it worked pretty smoothly…

For this one, we have to go thru 2 migrations and 1 upgrade. Actually, CLM 4.x supports DB2 9.7, CLM 5.0 does not and CLM 5.0 supports DB2 10.5. CLM 4.x does not. So we have to upgrade first against an intermediate version of DB2 (10.1) supported by both CLMs to be able to do the full migration.

So this upgrade will run in 3 main steps:

  1. Migrate your CLM 4.0.6 from DB 9.7 to DB2 10.1
  2. Upgrade your CLM 4.0.6/DB2 10.1 to CLM 5.0.2/DB2 10.1
  3. Migrate your CLM 5.0.2/DB2 10.1 to CLM 5.0.2/DB2 10.5

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How to install CLM 2011 as a non-root user

Sharing with you this interesting note I got from Christophe Daly, who is a member of the IBM Install Manager team.

Christopher explains to my customer how to install the CLM 2011 solution on a Linux platform without the root privileges:

If you installing as a non-root user, you need to make sure the non-root (it’s typically called “non-Admin” in IM terminology) version of IM is used.

At the bottom of our launchpad is a checkbox with the label “Install in a shared location for multiple users (requires administrator privileges)“. When this checkbox is checked, we launch the Admin (root) IM and when unchecked we launch the non-Admin (non-root) IM.

If you are not using the launchpad, you can still start either the admin or non-admin IM directly:

  • The admin IM executable is named “install” and
  • the non-admin one is named “userinst“.

These are in a platform-specific directory under the “im” directory in the downloads.

I hope it will help…

Backing up the Jazz Team Server

Recently I got this question from a customer: “What are the other files in Tomcat we should backup when we backup our JTS databases?”

I was ready to reply the default answer I used to reply with Rational Team Concert 2.x: “Backup tomcat-users.xml, teamserver.propertiesserver.xml files.
Then I realized that the answer might be too short for RTC 3.x and the new associated topology so I decided to bother my L3 support colleague (and friend!), Eric Jodet.

Eric kindly sent me a folder containing the list of the files backed up by IBM Install Manager when it upgrades RTC and I realized that I was very far from the reality with my 3 initial files.

It is for this reason I decided to share this information until we get a page in the CLM help covering this point.
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