Configuring an LDAP connection for a Jazz Team Server

ldap One of my first papers on was to explain how to setup an LDAP. The Jazz team greatly improved the process, nevertheless I’m still struggling to follow correctly each step described in the help.

It is for this reason, I decided to write a new article to list these steps. I hope it will help…


  1. Start the Jazz Team Server: \server\server.startup.bat
  2. Launch the setup wizard:
  3. Follow the Custom Setup
  4. Reach the step 6 : Setup User Registry
  5. In the section Select the type of user registry you will use, select the User Registry Type « LDAP »
  6. Fill the fields of the section Configure Jazz Team Server to use an LDAP server to act as my user registry
  7. Test the described connection by pressing the button Test Connection.
  8. If the description is correct, a dialog should appear asking for the login of the future JTS admin
  9. Give the name of a user existing in your LDAP and being in the LDAP Group associated to the JazzAdmins group.
  10. Press OK. If the connection is correctly established, you should get the following response from the server:
  11. If you get anything else like:
    Then try to fix the problem before moving farther… Check out the Troubleshooting paragraph of this post!
  12. At the point you should be able to press the button Save Tomcat Config Files.
    Apparently, nothing special happened. Nevertheless, a new message has appeared above the buttons:
  13. Click on the link show details. It will list of the files to created based on the applications installed on your server.
  14. Uncheck (temporally) Disable default ADMIN access in case you have to come back to the Tomcat user Database.
  15. Press the Next button to save these data in the properties file located at:
  1. At this point, actually you should not be able to switch to the next step because you have to finalize the LDAP setup first…
  2. So keep your web browser open at this step.
  3. Stop the JTS server
  1. Go thru all the files listed in the step (13). Delete or rename the initial one and replace it with the file created in the step (12). Replace


  1. Repeat the same replacements for the files:

[JTS]/server/tomcat/webapps/qm/WEB-INF/web.xml, and


  1. Finally, replace


  1. At this point you should be able to restart your JTS server.
  1. If you try refresh or reopen your browser on the step 6 of the setup:
  1. The server will ask you to log in again . Use the credentials of the user you designated in the step (8)
  2. You should reach then the step 6 of the setup and the page should indicate that your LDAP is correctly configured!
  3. Press Next to go to the next Setup page. If you reach the next page, you should be all set…


If you have any connection problem, you should check this paragraph. It might help you identify from where it comes from.

  1. Install the LDAP client:
  2. Load the application:
  3. Launch the application with the admin privileges
  4. From the Start menu, Connect.
  5. Create a new connection using the data provided in the previous paragraph 6.1 and 6.b
  6. Test the connection. If it doesn’t work, check with your LDAP admin the connection information.
  7. If you press Fetch DNs, you should retrieve the Base User DN:If not, check with your LDAP admin the connection information.
  8. Open the created connection
  9. Follow in the reverse order the path you gave for Base Group DN but the path gave for Base User DN and you should be able to retrieve the Jazz groups listed in Jazz to LDAP Group Mapping.
  10. If you select the Group for the JazzAdmin, you should retrieve the user you have designated during the setup.

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