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I’m very proud to announce that Rational Programming Patterns v8.0.3 has successfully eGA’ed this Wednesday, November 28th, 2011.It is publicly available for customers from the Announcement Letter page.

There is also a “Refresh Pack” (RPPz v8.0.3 update) available on the RPPz Fix Central page.
For v8.0.1 customers, you can also directly update your environment using IBM Install Manager and pointing to the RPPz 8.0.3 IM Update site.

And, if you never tried RPPz and you are a Pacbase practitioner, you can also try it by downloading our RPPz v8.0.3 Trial version from the developerWorks Trial site.

Enjoy it!


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If you follow my LinkedIn page you might have noticed that I have changed for a new position at Rational.

Actually, I have joined the Rational Programming Patterns (RPPz) team as their Development Manager. The Product Manager, Philippe Bauquel, invited me to join the team to help them in improving their Rational Team Concert (RTC) practices and in putting in place an Agile development process with the development team (17 people). These are two very exiting challenges.

The first one is obviously a great move because of my expertise in RTC and I’m really exited in putting in place by myself all the best practices I was suggesting to my customers in my previous position as a Jazz Jumpstart team member.

The second one is more challenging. Actually, I participated to several Agile projects like Eclipse or Jazz and I managed few teams using some early days “sort-of” Agile approaches but I never formally applied any well-defined Agile method  like the EclipseWay or the Scrum process…

So don’t be surprised if you retrieve in my next posts some interesting news about RPPz, some Scrum questionings or some practical tricks about RTC used in the context of an Agile project…

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