RPPz: 30 years in (Rational) Programming Patterns

I read recently 3 excellent papers about Rational Programming Patterns (RPPz):

I’m amazed to see how PDP (Pattern-driven programming) seems so well adapted to the COBOL community; this community supports this product for more than 30 years! Can you believe that?!

The concepts and approach implemented in this product passed all the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) history with success; we had originally PAC700 in 70′, then Pacbase, then VisualAge Pacbase and now RPPz based on RTCz and RDz.

When, in the same time, I was moving from Lisp, to Smalltalk, to Eclipse and now to Rational Team Concert.

I recall when a colleague of mine shown up in my office showing the book “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” by “the Gang of Four” yelling: “It is the future!…”. At this time -1995-, I was not aware that this “future” was already there for 20 years and will be there at least the next 15 years…

So, I really encourage you to read these papers and think about the concepts described by Nicolas and HervĂ©; they are older than the computer life of most of us and there are still so actual, pertinent and efficient…


Enforce Work Item approvals in Rational Team Concert

Regularly I get this question from my customers:

I would like to enforce an approval process inside my development lifecycle. How can I do that in Rational Team Concert?

The setup seems complex because it requires changes at different levels in RTC:

  • In the Work Item workflow,
  • In the Work Item preconditions,
  • In the Work Item permissions.,

This post describes all the steps (and even more) to set up such approval mechanism in RTC.Read More »