Rational CLM wording…

My Jumpstart colleague, Jim Ruehlin, shared with us today some interesting wording rules regarding the Rational Solution for CLM.
I thought it could be good to share them:

The Rational Solution for CLM 2011 (or just CLM 2011) is a solution from Rational. There is no such thing as CLM 3.0.1.
A solution in this context refers to a collection of products delivered as applications that run on one or more Jazz Team Servers.

The three products that are part of the CLM 2011 solution are:

  • Rational Team Concert 3.0.1
  • Rational Quality Manager  3.0.1
  • Rational Requirement Composer  3.0.1

Also part of CLM 2011 is a platform and technology initiative:

  • Jazz Team Server 3.0.1

Each product or platform has one or more applications associated with it:

  • Change and Configuration Management (CCM)
  • Quality Management (QM)
  • Requirement Management (RM)
  • Jazz Team Server (JTS)
  • Server Admin / Lifecycle Project Administration (ADMIN / LPA)

Each application provides capabilities to one or more products, and are the smallest units of functionality that can be enabled through licensing.

One thought on “Rational CLM wording…

  1. I like this post. It is nice and short, and clearly explains the differences between the Jazz products and the Jazz capabilities.

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