Update existing Work Items with new custom attributes

It is the third time that I receive this request from a customer or from the field and I could not recall precisely the correct answer. So I decided to share it with you and post it as a reminder…

When you add a custom attribute to an existing Work Item type, there is a tricky place to ask to the RTC Eclipse client to refresh the user interface of the work items which have been created prior this modification.

Actually, if you add a custom attribute to an existing Work Item type, even if you didn’t update the presentation attached to this work item type, the Work Item editor for a new Work Item will appear with a new “Custom” page listing the new attribute.

Now, if you open a Work Item which has been instantiated before the Work Item type modification, the Work Item editor will not display the “Custom” page for this Work Item.

To fix that, the Online Help is very clear (Defining work item types and attributes) BUT you need to find this page!

To manually update existing work items with new or modified custom attributes:

  1. Run a query so that the query results contain all the work items that you want to update.
  2. In the Work Items view, select the work items that you want to modify.
  3. In the row of one of the selected work items, right-click the Type icon and select Synchronize attributes.

The tricky point is on “right-click the Type icon “. if you right-click on any other column, you will not be able to find it…
Generally I recall pretty well that the menu item is defined in the Work Items view menu, unfortunately I cannot recall that the item menu is only visible and accessible when the mouse is located on the Type icon.

So I hope this post will help reminding it…

Thanks to Jiong Xie who had the kindness to remind me the trick…

Setup the LDAP Server for Rational Team Concert 3.0

Setting up the connection between a Jazz Team Server and an LDAP server was always difficult for lots of RTC users. 

Most of the time the problem came from:

  1. Unknowing the parameters to use to access the LDAP server,
  2. Having to edit several Application Server files which implied typo or misunderstanding errors.

Long time ago,  I wrote a Wiki page on jazz.net to try to share my “newbie” understanding and put in one unique page all the information you need to know for such setup.

Even if this wiki page was regularly consulted, based on the question I received, it was clear that the setup on the LDAP server was still a tough and frustrating task.

The last release of Rational Team Concert (3.0) provides a great wizard which should help us improving our experience with such setup.

Obviously, we still need to know all the correct parameters to access the LDAP server, but at least now:

  • the Jazz Team Server tests the LDAP connection to validate the provided parameters, and
  • generates all the Application Server setup files required to make it work…

I built this short video (without sound) detailing all the steps to go through to set up an LDAP server connection in RTC 3.0 to share with you this neat improvement.

I really hope it will help…