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Restrictions 3Please check out my last article on jazz.net: http://jazz.net/library/article/554.
It talks about the Work Item Access Restriction feature in RTC 3.0: how restrict access to some work items based on the user profile.

Your feedback is very welcome.


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RTC 3.0 is On Line!

Since this morning we can download the latest RTC release: RTC 3.0.
Lots of great new features we were all waiting for like:

  • Enterprise administration and process tooling i.e: you can share the same process template between several Project Areas.
  • Integration of Z and P enterprise platform support i.e: you can run remote code search and other impact analysis.
  • Extended planning support for traditional and agile teams, i.e: Gantt charts, resource availability or time tracking
  • Distributed source control, i.e. sharing source code between servers. So you can have your repository workspace in one server and deliver your code in a stream located in another server.
  • Work Item customizations and configuration, i.e. lots of improvement on the Web UI like the WYSIWYG presentation editing

Jean-Michel Lemieux
wrote several great articles on these new features:

Lots of other articles will follow digging into some of these features…

So, enjoy it and don’t forget to post your encouragements (the team will appreciate), your defects or your enhancements on the community site: http://jazz.net

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Recently I got this question and, because it took me quite some time to find the answer, I wanted to share it.

There is NO file-size limit enforced in the Jazz SCM.
If the underlying filesystem supports large files, the SCM does too…

The only recommendation I got was to use a professional database like DB2, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server on such cases…

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