Reset the bundles/plugins of your Jazz Team Server (

Deploying for the first time a new feature on a Jazz Team Server (JTS) is pretty straight forward:

  1. Create an Eclipse update site including the feature (e.g. you want to add to the JTS,
  2. Copy the site.xml file, the /features and the /plugins folders in a directory located under the <root>/jazz/server/ folder
  3. Create a file under the /jazz/server/conf/jazz/provision_profiles folder
  4. Open the new ini file with Notepad and enter these two lines:
  5. Save the ini file
  6. Restart your JTS and you are all set

Now, if you try to apply the same deployment process to update your feature, you will realize that the JTS keeps the same code; the bundles are actually cached.

So, to reset this cache, you have two main options:

  • Either by accessing to the JTS internal features links:
    1. Start your JTS
    2. Open your web browser on https://<yourserver&gt;:<port>/jazz/admin?internal=true
    3. Once you have logged on, on the bottom-left of the web UI, you will discover a set of links that you never saw before:
    4. Click on Server Reset
    5. A button labeled Request Server Reset will appear
    6. Press the button to request a reset of the server. The server will be reset during the next start up…
    7. Restart your JTS and your are all set
  • You can also directly access to this feature calling this URL:
    • https://<yourserver>:<port>/jazz/admin/cmd/requestReset

I hope it will help

Special thanks to my buddy Eric Jodet from the Jazz L3 Maintenance who shown me the trick…


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