Let’s start it…

I would like to use this blog to share my professional points of interests on different subjects. As a member of the Jazz Jumpstart team, I will mainly talk about the collaborative platform developed by IBM Rational. Nevertheless, if I find other interesting topics I will certainly use this blog to gather them.

So welcome to my technical blog…

2 thoughts on “Let’s start it…

  1. Hi buddy!

    Glad to see you’re starting a blog. I encourage you to write about your experiences at the Jumpstart team, I’m sure there’re some really interesting anecdotes. But please, be kind and don’t wash our dirty linen in public, at least, the worst ones 😉

    It has been a long time since we talked (mea culpa). Let’s see if I can call you soon (now that I’m leaving the tools group).

  2. Thanks Ferran for your support, I appreciate.
    I will certainly talk about my experience at the Jumpstart Team if the anecdote can help…
    Until now I didn’t really have to manage any “dirty linen”; all the people I have met so far were always interesting, enthusiastic, asking smart questions and behaving with pragmatism. So, it helps… 😉

    I look forward for chatting with you sometimes soon…

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